Kind Words

Onelove Photograhy

“I have been working with Leny for over 6 years, and love her! She designs over 50 wedding albums per year for our company, is very fast, very reasonably priced, and the most important: she is an artist! Her designs are intuitive to the flow of the wedding, they lay out masterfully, and she takes all feedback from our clients so gracefully. She makes changes quickly, I never have to wait more than one day to hear back from her, ever. That is gold in the wedding industry when brides are anxious to see their designs come to life. She is open to every idea or design style my clients or I suggest, and never forces her opinion, but lets the customer have the final call. She has amazing customer service and we love her!” … xoxo, Sara


Austin & Dara

“As a result of working with you guys, we’ve managed to free up about 30 hours of work per month. That’s equal to about 9 weeks of solid work per year! You’ve cut our turnaround time in half on our Wedding Book designs and have eliminated our backlog completely. You guys are seriously a life saver in our business – thank you so much.” … Much love, Austin & Dara


Alfred & Emma

“Leny and her team are an invaluable part of our business. They are always professional, timely, and consistent. Working with them has definitely improved my workflow and kept my customers happy. I can count on Leny to do a great job. I look forward to working with her in the years to come.” … Emma


Angie Silvy Photography

“I am a huge fan of sweet kiss & cakes album designing!! Having them design my Albums has been a dream! they are fast, the layouts never really need to be changed and I like the proofing tools they use of my clients.” … Angie


Christopher Kight Photography

“Album design has been efficient, artistic and our clients love their designs. Overall the design pricing is lower than most other companies with similar quality. It was very important for us to have a system where our clients could see their designs online and get rapid changes made at their request. This service has been great.” … Chris Kight


Tobin Photography

“Discovering Sweet Kisses and Cakes has been a total dream come true for Tobin Photography. The attention to detail and the great care you take in designing my albums makes me feel special and like you really value my business and my concerns as a photographer and business man. So often your designs are absolutely perfect right out of the gate, but when I or my clients *do* need edits, the process for requesting them is super simple and fast, and you’re always quick to make them so I can maintain my fast turnaround! I so appreciate that! Plus…my clients are universally thrilled with their albums and the time it takes me to produce a finished book has gone way down since I started working with SK&C and I’ll never look back. I consider the money I spend with you to be some of the best money I spend in business all year.” … Tobin Poppenberg


Tyler Vu Photograhy

“I have been extremely happy since discovering Leny via a recommendation from another photographer. As a former graphics designer myself, the most important thing is to give up control over to the vision of others. When I do submit and order for an album design, I have 100% confident that Sweet Kisses will come back with a spec I would love. Furthermore, Leny and company has been very reliable and responsive to all the requests demanded by my clients through multiple edits. They have delivered time and time again on their turnaround.” … Tyler Vu